How to Get Rid of Soap Scum & Tough Stains
Rachel Banton |

So, I recently got my first house and I was super pumped! Finally, my family and I moved out of our tiny one-bedroom apartment into this sweet 1,600 square-foot place. Though it is a little bit of a fixer upper the guts are all really solid and it has some cute parts as well.

But a few weeks in, reality hit me. No more cozy apartment vibes – now I had a full house to get and keep clean. Trust me, cleaning a house is a whole different ball game.

We didn’t have the cash to fully fix up our new place, and the last owner lived there for like 30 years so me and my hubby had a ton of work to do.

I hit up Walmart and grabbed a bunch of cleaning stuff: sprays, steel wool, blue sponges, you name it. But even with all that gear, some spots just wouldn’t come clean.

The oven was covered in grease, the tile floors had some grout that wouldn’t come out, the sinks were covered in soap scum and the bathroom? Don’t even get me started.

The amount of soap scum in there was truly horrifying. When I was looking at the house I was imagining what it could be, I had no idea how hard it would be to get it to that vision. Just look at it:

I scrubbed the soap scum in the bathrooms and sinks so hard I thought my arms were going to fall off, but it still looked nasty!

Between the soap scum, oven, the grout in the bathrooms and restoring the counters and stovetops to their former glory, I was feeling defeated.

So much so that I decided to get professional help. Even though I couldn’t really afford it I also didn’t want to live in filth so I whipped out the credit card and begrudgingly paid $450 for professional cleaners.

Pretty insane pricing but what else could we do? Live in filth?

A cleaning lady showed up that Wednesday and I told her to start with the bathrooms, where she promptly began spraying the scum covered floor with some weird bottle.

I didn’t think much of it and walked away.

I passed by about 10 minutes later and saw her gently wiping down the floor, I laughed to myself knowing that would never work – I almost broke my arm trying to wipe it so hard yesterday.

But to my shock, when I looked a little closer, the soap scum was wiping off easier than water!

I was shocked.

“How in the heck are you doing that?!” I asked

She chuckled and said “I might be putting myself out of a job, but it’s called Splashfoam Spray.”

It’s an incredibly powerful, but natural cleaning solution that works for pretty much all surfaces.

Glass, tiles, polished wood, pots, pans, stovetops, you name it – Splash Spray can clean it.

“Could I have just gotten Splash Spray and just saved myself $450?” I thought to myself. I might have made an expensive mistake here.

By the time she was finished, I was sure that I could have done it myself, all she did was spray and wipe and look at how effective it was!

Does it really work that well? What is it exactly?

Splash Spray is an all purpose spray that will break down dirt, grease, mold and pretty much anything you can think of off surfaces. That means range hoods, toilet floor stains, polished wooden tables, granite, etc!

The reason it works so well is because we actually send you tablets and a spray bottle so when you get the tablets all you need to do is add water and a tablet to the bottle and it’s ready to go!

Because it’s being synthesized on the spot it’s more effective than other cleaners because the surfactant suds its making are more fresh, versus something like a windex bottle that’s been sitting for months before it gets sold.

It’s designed for heavy duty cleaning, with eco-friendly and nontoxic ingredients that are guaranteed not to harm your animals or your skin (though they do recommend using gloves anyway because your hands can get dry as the spray cuts through grease).

There are no fluorescent agents in this heavy duty yet safe formula, and the biological agents use only natural enzymes to dissolve stains.

My Own Experience

Seeing this cleaning lady use it I thought there might be some special trick to it so I decided to try it myself on a few of the dirtiest places in our new home.

I sprayed them with the Splash Spray, let it sit for about 2 minutes and began to wipe down.

And I kid you not when I say this was one of the most satisfying cleans of my life.

Years of grease and gunk was wiping off like it was water!

Just check out these before and after photos…

And the tile grout cleaned up just as easy!

It was working so well it inspired me to try it a few other places, like:

The oven:
The pan:
The pot:
The flooring:
It even brought out a great shine on my prized wooden coffee table, without any additional polishing.

I was amazed by the results.

Splash Spray removed even the toughest stains from soap scum, ovens, tiles and pans, leaving them looking brand new.

My glassware sparkled, and my polished wood surfaces were left with a smooth, clean finish.

And the cleaning lady was probably shocked that I was doing her job for her!

Even though it cost me a good chunk of change to find Splash Spray – I’ll never need to pay for another cleaning service again.

Splash Spray has been a lifesaver, and I can’t imagine going back to my old cleaning solutions.

If you’re struggling with tough stains and dirty surfaces in your kitchen, floors, bathroom, or wherever! I highly recommend giving Splash Spray a try. It’s safe, effective, and will save you time and frustration in the long run.

Don’t let a dirty kitchen hold you back – take action and try Splash Spray today!

But…does it really deserve all this hype?

Over 5 million Splash Spray have been sold directly to consumers so far, even without the benefit of being available in stores. Every time new stock of SplashFoam Spray becomes available, it sells out immediately.

All of it is word of mouth. It’s so popular that people are posting about it on Instagram and telling everyone they know about it!

Sarah Bennett
San Jose, CA
Sarah Bennett My husband and I bought a 115-year-old house a year ago, and I have been scrubbing the ever-loving hell out of a gross oven that was hopelessly stained with grease that would just "not" come off. I watched YouTube videos about how to clean an oven in this state, and they still detailed how I'de need to unhook it from water and use a ton of products, so I had been putting it off until I was motivated by some sort of snapping point and had a couple hours. I saw this in an online article, and thought it was good to be true but bought it anyway. After soaking, this stuff cleaned that nasty oven in TWO MINUTES, with only moderate scrubbing on the areas where the buildup was really bad.
#splashspray #clean #oven #easy #cleaningtips
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3 days ago
George Howerton
Youngstown, OH
George Howerton As a housekeeper, I like to consider myself an expert on cleaning products. I've treid so many but SplashFoam Spray is like nothing I've ever tried before, so effective with such minimal effort, and best of all, no streaks!
#housekeeping101 #easyclean
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3 days ago

With over 7,000 5-star reviews, the SplashFoam Spray is developing a cult following. Here are some comments from customers:

Seriously, I’ll Never Be Without This…

I have been cleaning all my life, but where have you been? I wish I had known about this years ago so I could have avoided trying so many cleaning hacks – vinegar, lemon, zep, baking soda paste, ammonia, and whatnot. What this does is exactly what it says it does.

Linda Y. Verified Buyer
Does the Job, Literally!

Amazing stuff! It removes scale and deposits from the shower, faucet, and toilet like no other product I have ever used. Using this product for the right cleaning jobs can surpass your expectations and get you thinking of new applications, such as cleaning equipment that has gotten a little rusty. Those old faucets that I had given up on looking decent ever again now have a new luster.

Ashley C. Verified Buyer
The Best Purchase I’ve Made All Year

It’s like magic, this stuff! Absolute magic. What a wonderful product! Although it’s not even one year old, my porcelain sink is holding on to all of the coffee and tea stains even though I bought it for cleaning.

Dennis M. Verified Buyer

Hard to believe that something nontoxic could work so well. The safety of Splash Spray really sets it a part for other cleaner products that are fine with you breathing in toxic sprays. I have started using it every day of the week, so I’m glad I bought a multi-pack because I don’t use other cleaning products now.

Now, how much does it cost?

You can get it for less than $20 on their official website, which is such a deal considering that it can replace so many other cleaning products and because they actually send enough cleaning concentrate for multiple re-fills.

But Is It Worth It?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Just one bottle of Splash Spray I think is worth 10 other cleaning products combined so of course it’s worth it.

Truthfully, I can’t guarantee that it will work on any mess you have (I’ve yet to try to clean up oil stains in my garage with it) but I think giving it a try is definitely worth it. And with a 90 day money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose!

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Customer Reviews

These are among some of the best all purpose cleaners I've come across. They quickly get rid of stains, without any toxic chemicals!

Amanda Miller
Sioux, SD

I tried these out for a week and by the end I was in love. I ordered another four more for the rest of my house.

David Beoff
Dallas, TX

I hardly ever cleaned my house (call me lazy, I know I am). Thankfully, these little tablets came along and saved me from myself by making cleaning an absolute breeze!

Rachel Walters
Palm Beach, FL

These came highly recommended to me by a friend. So glad I gave them a try!

Cindy Joseph
Buffalo, NY
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